5 Benefits of Zentangle

Zentangle benefits many people in several different ways. I personally have experienced several. The following are five of the positive benefits I have relieved from my Zentangle experience.

  1. Fine motor control/slowing down The practice of Zentangle involves drawing lines in pen. You have to focus and go slowly because there’s no eraser. The more you practice, the more control you have over making your line go where you want it to go. This translates into life in so many ways. Slow down while driving. Speeding does not add a measurable amount of time to a 15 minute trip. I don’t rush to get out of bed on a Saturday; instead I chat with my husband and pet the cat. And then I go pet the dogs. I take the time to acknowledge the beings in my life that mean the most to me, and I try not to take them for granted.
  2. Like-minded people I’ve always been the odd-man out. The devil’s advocate.  The instigator, the boat-rocker. The black sheep. I never really felt like I fit in anywhere until I went to the Certified Zentangle Certification Seminar in April. I met an amazing group of people. I got up the nerve to talk to people, and found out they wanted to talk to me, too. Not only were we all enthusiastic about the same thing; we went about it with kindness and a camaraderie I have never felt.
  3. A quiet mind I’ve had a tough time falling asleep for the past several years. My method of coping has been to read for 30-60 minutes, to replace whatever’s spinning around in my head with a story. Then, when my eyes feel very tired, I put away the book, turn off the light, and focus my mind on either the story or something pleasant that I can concentrate on until I fall asleep. Since I’ve been tangling before bed, I close my eyes and there is…nothing. I just go to sleep.
  4. Reawakened my creativity For several years now, I’ve been making jewelry as a part-time business. I love the process of creating the metalwork and adding gemstones, but once I began selling it, the money overtook the art I was creating and I felt stifled. I took a break from it and started art journaling and tangling. It is a practice, not a product to be sold, so I can draw and shade and create without expectations. I’m free to create for the sake of creating.
  5. Ignite a passion When I first entered the accounting profession, I was very passionate about it. In some ways, I still am. I think CPAs are superheroes. However, being the tough businesswoman I thought I had to be damaged my soul. It ate away at me and my health deteriorated. The decision to attend the Seminar was made at a low point, on a whim. It changed my outlook on my career and became something that I could be passionate about, share with people, and possibly even make a living at.

Maintaining an active Zentangle practice is a choice I have made, a gift I’ve given myself. I have seen tangible benefits, and I want to continue that in my life and share it with others. What benefits await you in your Zentangle practice? Find out by attending one of my classes.

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