Exploring straight lines

I find that parameters enhance creativity. It focuses your creativity and forces you to problem-solve: what can I create within these constraints? Take this week’s Diva Challenge – use only straight lines. I’m pretty sure that refers to the tangles, not the string, so I was able to create curves and depth.

I’ve never been comfortable with blank paper and no direction… which is why Zentangle is perfect for me. I don’t need to stress over a million artistic possibilities, and yet I can still be creative and expressive.


5 thoughts on “Exploring straight lines

  1. Lynell

    Beautifully rendered tile today! I like the fact that you made the strings curved to add motion to your work! Nice choice of tangle patterns too!

  2. LezliB

    Love your tile…you answered the challenge for straight lines beautifully. The tangles you chose work together nicely. And the center tangle handles perspective so very well. Great idea!

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