About Jeanine Corina Hughes, CZT

Jeanine-bricksYes, you are looking at a CPA.  I am an accountant who set aside my dreams of a creative life for a  career path that seemed sure to provide a secure, safe living for myself and my family.  And it did.

But I didn’t feel fulfilled.

I began adding creative pursuits back into my life about 4 years ago, first with my jewelry designs, then with art journaling.  When I discovered Zentangle, I knew I’d found a fulfilling creative outlet that I could share with others.

The time I spend actively “tangling” is full of peace and gratitude.  The designs I am inspired to create are beautiful beyond anything I could have imagined when I was filing tax documents.

Best of all was the community of fellow “tanglers” that I came to know and appreciate. Sharing this method with others is almost as therapeutic as the act of “tangling” itself.

It is a pleasure to share the joys of a creative life and the Zentangle® Method.  Whether you simply want to learn how to relax and enjoy your creative process or dream of creating your next masterpiece, I can’t wait to share that journey with you.