How to make a Zentangle ensemble

A Zentangle ensemble is a set of nine tiles, or in this case, a 10.5″ Opus tile cut into 9 squares. Before cutting the tiles, I drew a string and numbered the squares. Then I started tangling on the individual tiles. I mixed them up on purpose, so I’m not working on the tiles in any order.

Once completed, the tiles will be reassembled into a mosaic that is unified by the string, What happens in these works is that, since we cut through sections, we can end up with two or more tangles in a single section.

This is a picture of the tiles remaining to be tangled.

Untangled tiles for ensemble

Untangled tiles for ensemble

The Opus Ensemble is a great team-building project. The image of the assembled tiles is a powerful manifestation of teamwork, and a piece of art worthy of hanging in the office.

This project can be done with any number of tiles that will form a square or rectangle. A string is drawn across all the tiles, which are then tangled individually. When reunited, it becomes an artful representation of the team.

Are you looking for a team-building seminar? This project can be completed in less than two hours, and no artistic ability whatsoever is required. Contact me to schedule a workshop for your team!

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